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Welcome to Fit Fab Fiftyish, a fitness and wellbeing blog for women 50+. Fit Fab Fiftyish aims to encourage and support women to be active, healthy and happy in midlife. 

I believe midlife is a time when our years of experience and wisdom can give us strength and confidence to really know who we are and what we want from life. It can be a time of transformation and renewal, a time to step into our power and take up space in the world.

It can also be a no-so-fabulous time. You or your partner might be facing health challenges, you may be caring for ageing parents and you might still be raising children. Chances are you’ve faced loss and grief along the way. As if perimenopause and menopause isn’t challenging enough! 

Add to the mix a society that largely ignores us, doesn’t understand us and doesn’t value us.

Let’s not sugar-coat it, it can suck!  

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know for certain that it’s possible to be fit, healthy and happy in midlife, possibly even the fittest, healthiest and happiest you’ve been in your life.  

You can achieve goals that would amaze your younger self. You can be the fabulous 50ish woman you deserve to be, living a life you love. 

Join me as we embrace this powerful time in our lives – a time to say, “I’m only just getting started”.

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Love, Sally xx