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About me

Fitness was never my thing and I had no interest in making it my thing.  

Growing up I hated sport and much preferred being a spectator
(Photo by Peter Humble)

By my late 40s my lifestyle habits were raising all the red flags.

In 2012 I walked into a gym on impulse and told the trainer I wanted to get fit. Actually, I didn’t really want to but I knew I had to.  

In the ten years since, I’ve found ways to move that have not only improved my fitness but have made me feel stronger, more confident and calm. I’ve discovered I can run (slowly, but I can run and so can you) and I can lift weights. I’ve also reignited my love of yoga that begun in my teens when my mum introduced me to the practice.

I’m now a registered yoga teacher (and lifelong student) and I’m studying to be a fitness instructor. 

I love helping women like you thrive in midlife. I promise no-nonsense and achievable ways for you to move and feel good during this time of your life. 

Say Hi! You can contact me here and you can find me on Instagram.

Love, Sally xx